Crooked Tree Breadworks | Petoskey - Harbor Springs - Michigan
Crooked Tree Breadworks bakery - sourdough bread, pastries, scones, addictive granola, local wheat bread for Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Little Traverse Bay area of Northern Michigan.
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Hand-Crafted Baked Goods, Buttery Pastries & Addictive Granola

Crooked Tree Breadworks was founded in 1996 to provide Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and the Little Traverse Bay area of northern Michigan with delicious, unique bakery products. Everything we make, from chewy sourdough bread to European style pastries to addictive granola, reflects our commitment to quality.

Featured Products

Northern Michigan Bread Scones

Breads & Scones

Fresh bread shaped by hand with only the highest quality flours and well water.

Northern Michigan Nuts Pecans


Crostini, Orange Balsamic Pecans, Curried Pistachios, Spicy Glazed Almonds

Michigan Addictive Granola

Addictive Granola

Lots of toasted nuts, dried cherries, Red Flame raisins, local maple syrup and local honey

Whole Wheat Local Loaf

Crooked Tree Breadworks founder Greg Carpenter decided to create a loaf of bread starting from seed. With the help of local farmer Jonathan Scheel and Scheel Family Farm, Crooked Tree Breadworks was able to grow a small crop of our own Hard Red Winter Wheat.

This is an unapologetically elemental 100% Whole Wheat loaf made from nothing but our winter wheat, well water and a pinch of salt. It is leavened with the sourdough culture that we have nurtured on the shore of Little Traverse Bay since we opened in 1996. It would be hard to find a loaf that is more authentically local!

We mill the flour fresh for every batch, preserving it’s sweetness. This loaf is what wheat is all about.

Crooked Tree Breadworks Local Loaf Wheat

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