About Us

The Ultimate Daily Bread

Crooked Tree Breadworks opened its doors for business in 1996.  At that time the culinary landscape of the Little Traverse Bay region looked quite different.  It was hard to find a loaf of bread with a good crust, farmers markets were very few and far between, and iceburg lettuce still dominated restaurant salad menus. On most bar taps it was possible to choose from among 10 varieties of pale, yellow American style lager, but you were pretty lucky if you found anything resembling Ale on tap.

Greg Carpenter Bread Petoskey Michigan

Quality Foods in Northern Michigan

Since then, the landscape of northern lower Michigan has been fertile ground for a renaissance of quality foods!

Farmers, Bakers, Brewers, Roasters and preservers have all contributed to a vital and growing food scene that increasingly defines our region.

Chefs have discovered the bounty of the region and have put their unique stamp on the culinary scene.

Crooked Tree Breadworks Bread Michigan

Fresh Bread from Breadworks

At Crooked Tree Breadworks we see this as validation of what we’ve always believed – quality endures.

Our commitment to traditional, time intensive baking methods has not wavered since those first hand-shaped loaves.  Our goals remain the same for every product we sell:

Use first-rate ingredients and don’t take shortcuts.
The flavor will come naturally.