• Forget your preconceptions of granola as bland, grainy health food. This grown-up granola is made with loads of toasted nuts, dried Michigan cherries, raisins, real maple syrup, and honey. It’s great for eating out of hand and it provides a sweet, crunchy counterpoint to a tangy bowl of yogurt. It has a shelf life of three months. Many have tried to duplicate this product, but none have succeeded. We only use the best ingredients, we do it ALL the hard way (by hand) and we never skimp. Taste for yourself.  We think you'll agree, it's aptly named!  Baked and delivered fresh. Net weight = 1# (about 4 cups)
  • This moist and flavorful scone is made with creamy Callebaut white chocolate and dried Michigan red tart cherries. No additional butter required (but a spoonful of Devon Cream is always nice...)
  • A chewy, hearty cookie with all of the great ingredients found in our Addictive Granola.  Packed with Oats, Cherries, Raisins, toasted Pecans, Almonds, and Walnuts, these cookies are made with real maple syrup and honey. Ingredients/ Nutritional Information
  • Crispy roasted pecan halves that are mostly sweet with a tart hint of balsamic vinegar, and a complex orange aroma that is irresistible.  So good right out of your hand,  super tasty tossed with greens and fresh strawberries then topped with poppyseed dressing, or try them sprinkled on your next batch of French Toast.  This is one you'll want to keep stocked up.  Net Weight 7 oz.
  • A Delicious Holiday Tradition We bake these very special loaves each fall and ship them all over the country to dedicated fans.  Toasting thick slices of this pastry-like loaf released the heavenly aromas of Meyers-rum-soaked dried fruit (raisins and cranberries), toasted almonds, candied ginger, candied orange peel, and butter. Made only in the autumn and early winter months, it has a long shelf life (over 4 months... some say it gets better with age), keeps in the freezer for even longer, and comes in a gift box. Ingredients/ Nutritional Information
  • Our delicious Pepper Parmesan bread in a snack-sized roll.  Crusty and cheesy, these rolls are great on their own or split and filled with fresh tomato, basil pesto, prosciutto or anything your heart desires.   Pepper Parmesan Rolls are a Crooked Tree Breadworks staple. Ingredients/ Nutritional Information

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