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Check out what we have going on over at Crooked tree breadworks.

  • A Delicious Holiday Tradition We bake hundreds of this very special loaf each fall and ship them annually all over the country to dedicated fans.  This heavenly loaf is comprised of rum-soaked dried fruit (raisins and cranberries), toasted almonds, candied ginger, candied orange peel, and a whole lot of butter. Made only in the autumn and early winter months, it has a long shelf life (over 3 months and some say it gets better with age) and comes in a gift box.  This loaf makes a great host gift or thank-you gift for the special people in your life.
  • This moist and flavorful scone is made with creamy Callebaut white chocolate and dried Michigan red tart cherries. No additional butter required (but a spoonful of Devon Cream is always nice...)
  • Send them a little lovin’ from our ovens.   Whether “home” is Northern Michigan or someplace else, a box of goodies from Breadworks is sure to cure the homesick blues for the college student, recently relocated relative or someone who just loves great baked goods from Crooked Tree Breadworks. Comes "ready to gift" in a sturdy kraft box sent in a larger box with protective packaging to help ensure safe arrival.  If you would like a note included in the box, please include your sentiments in the "note" section upon checkout. This box includes the following: (1) Pepper Parmesan Boule (1) 16oz. Tub of Addictive Granola (1) Ginger Crinkle Cookie (1) Chocolate Chunk Cookie (1) Black & White Cookie (1) Addictive Granola Cookie
  • These tasty almonds are an Italian tradition. Crispy, slightly sweet, zesty, and aromatic with a hint of fennel.  Net weight 7 oz.
  • Dark chocolate, espresso and peppermint shortbread is drizzled with dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed peppermint candy.  *This cookie is a seasonal item and is available during Christmas and winter seasons only.
  • Candied ginger and fresh lemon zest scent our buttery shortbread for a tasty treat all year long.
  • Dried cranberries, coconut and a touch of lime, blended into our all-butter shortbread, rolled in more coconut for a golden outer rim, drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with flake salt.  A true Breadworks original creation.
  • Cardamom, pistachios, dried blueberries and a hint of orange harmoniously combined in our buttery shortbread create this crazy named cookie, pronounced car-STASH-ee-orange BLUES.  This is a Breadworks original created in recent years that will certainly liven up your cookie jar, dessert spread or snack time.
  • The fruity, saltiness of good olives is a natural complement to sourdough bread. We load this bread with a mixture of black and green Greek olives and a good measure of dried rosemary. Try spreading slices with tangy goat cheese and topping off with roasted red pepper strips. Or spread with mild semi-soft triple cream cheese, Dijon mustard and shaved prosciutto. This bread brings flavor to the table. Pictured with lovely, hand-stamped linen by our friends at Three Pines Studio in Cross Village just north of here.  Linen is the very best way to store bread for longevity and freshness, not to mention reducing plastic bag waste. Try this tasty recipe featuring our Rosemary Olive Sourdough loaf:  Grilled Tuna Melt
  • We start with our deliciously chewy sourdough wheat dough. Then we mix in a generous measure of roasted pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, flax and poppy seeds. We roll the unbaked loaf in a mixture of raw seeds and they roast to crispy perfection on the crust as the loaf bakes. The aroma is heavenly. . . the perfect complement to farmhouse cheddar cheese and apple butter, toasted and simply buttered or slathered with Naturally Nutty Almond Butter.  This loaf is a fan favorite of staff and shoppers alike.  Pictured with a lovely, hand-stamped linen by our friends at Three Pines Studio in Cross Village just north of here.  Linen is the very best way to store bread for longevity and freshness, not to mention reducing plastic bag waste. Try this fun and tasty sandwich featuring our seedy boule: The Poupon Piggy
  • Our delicious Pepper Parmesan bread in a snack-sized roll.  Crusty and cheesy, these rolls are great on their own or split and filled with fresh tomato, basil pesto, prosciutto or anything your heart desires.   Pepper Parmesan Rolls are a Crooked Tree Breadworks staple that often sells out quickly on the daily bread lineup.
  • A Crooked Tree Breadworks classic and fan favorite.  Serve this bread when you want to add flavor to any meal or sandwich.  Chunks of Italian Parmesan cheese suspended in a chewy sourdough, loaf balanced by a measured dose of fresh ground black pepper will make your mouth water. Tear up pieces to sop up pasta sauce, toast thick slices and top with basil pesto and sliced garden tomato, or make the world’s tastiest BLT. Try this tasty recipe for your next gathering, it is sure to be a hit!  Pizza Pull Apart

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