The Locals’ Loaf


Try the taste of northern Michigan!  We started this loaf from a seed. . . literally.  The wheat for this loaf is grown just 2 miles from our bakery on Scheel Family Farm.  Farmer Jonothan Scheel harvests and cleans the winter wheat and delivers it directly to our bakery where we mill the wheat into flour on-site, just before it goes into the mixer, preserving the rich, complex, sweet-nutty flavor and all of the nutrients the wheat contains.  Leavened with our homegrown sourdough starter, shaped by hand and baked in our stone hearth oven, this loaf is as good as it gets.  Baked only on Fridays.  Pictured with a lovely, hand-stamped linen by our friends at Three Pines Studio in Cross Village just north of here.  Linen is the very best way to store bread for longevity and freshness, not to mention reducing plastic bag waste.

*Note, this bread is only baked on Fridays, therefore we ship them from our freezer stock on Monday.

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