Bread Of The Month Club: 6 Months


Send 1 Loaf of our delicious bread to yourself or someone special each month for 6 months in a row.  Price includes shipping.  All Bread will ship on the first Tuesday of each month. Great for snowbirds!  Because linen is the very best way to store our bread, each Bread Club subscription includes a lovely custom hand-stamped bread linen by Three Pines Studio in Cross Village, which is included in the first shipment.

Month 1: Breadworks Sourdough / Bread Linen
Month 2: Cherry Pecan Sourdough Boule
Month 3: Roasted Seed Bread
Month 4: Pepper Parmesan Sourdough Boule
Month 5: Breakfast Bread
Month 6: Rosemary Olive Sourdough Loaf

Let the lucky recipient know what they are getting! Bread Of The Month Card

For shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, please call the bakery at (231) 347-9574