• These tasty, roasted nuts have a great balance of salt and sweet and are seasoned with warm, exotic curry spice. Crispy and pungent, they are great for eating out of hand or tossed into your favorite stir fry or salad.  Great alongside a cold beer.  Makes a thoughtful gift.  Better get two, they are hard to put down once you start.  Net weight 7 oz.
  • The Original and still the best! Forget your preconceptions of granola as bland, grainy health food. This grown-up granola is made with loads of toasted nuts, dried Michigan cherries, raisins, real maple syrup, and honey. It’s great for eating out of hand and it provides a sweet, crunchy counterpoint to a tangy bowl of yogurt. It has a shelf life of three months. Many have tried to duplicate this product, but none have succeeded. We only use the best ingredients, we do it ALL the hard way (by hand) and we never skimp. Taste for yourself.  We think you'll agree, it's aptly named.  Baked and delivered fresh! Net weight = 1# (about 4 cups)
  • Crispy roasted pecan halves that are mostly sweet with a tart hint of balsamic vinegar, and a complex orange aroma that is irresistible.  So good right out of your hand,  super tasty tossed with greens and fresh strawberries then topped with poppyseed dressing, or try them sprinkled on your next batch of French Toast.  This is one you'll want to keep stocked up.  Net Weight 7 oz.
  • These tasty almonds are an Italian tradition. Crispy, slightly sweet, zesty, and aromatic with a hint of fennel.  Net weight 7 oz.
  • A Crooked Tree Breadworks classic.  Serve this bread when you want to add flavor to any meal or sandwich.  Chunks of Italian Parmesan cheese, suspended in a chewy, sourdough loaf balanced by a measured dose of fresh ground black pepper that will make your mouth water. Tear up pieces to sop up pasta sauce, toast thick slices, and top with basil pesto and sliced garden tomato, or make the world’s tastiest BLT.  You'll find this northern Michigan staple on the menu at Julienne Tomatoes in Petoskey, MI. Try this tasty recipe for your next gathering, it is sure to be a hit!  Pizza Pull Apart Ingredients/ Nutritional Information
  • Our Breakfast Bread checks all the boxes with its subtly sweet cinnamon-scented wheat dough, studded with raisins and toasted walnuts. Toast it and slather it with butter or your favorite nut butter, make some amazing French Toast with it, or use it in your favorite bread pudding recipe.   Any way you slice it, this bread will bring joy to your taste buds.  Pictured with a lovely, hand-stamped linen bread bag made by our friends at Three Pines Studio in Cross Village just north of here.  Linen is the very best way to store bread for longevity and freshness, not to mention reducing plastic bag waste. Try this tasty recipe featuring our Breakfast Bread and Addictive Granola: PB&G Strippies  Ingredients/ Nutritional Information  

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