• Here is one of the breads that built our reputation. We load this bread with Michigan Red Tart Cherries and toasted pecans.  The dark, caramelized crust and roasted pecans are the perfect counterpoints to the slightly tangy, fruity crumb. A lightly toasted slice with some quality butter and a cup of coffee makes a memorable breakfast, or use it for battered French toast dusted with cocoa and powdered sugar.  Makes a terrific Thanksgiving stuffing as well as a great sandwich base.  Pictured with a lovely, hand-stamped linen bread bag made by our friends at Three Pines Studio in Cross Village, MI. Here is a recipe featuring our Cherry Pecan Sourdough: Cherry Pecan Thanksgiving Dressing Ingredients, Nutritional Information
  • Dried cranberries, coconut and a touch of lime, blended into our all-butter shortbread, rolled in more coconut for a golden outer rim, drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with flake salt.  A true Breadworks original creation.
  • These tasty, roasted nuts have a great balance of salt and sweet and are seasoned with warm, exotic curry spice. Crispy and pungent, they are great for eating out of hand or tossed into your favorite stir fry or salad.  Great alongside a cold beer.  Makes a thoughtful gift.  Better get two, they are hard to put down once you start.  Net weight 7 oz.
  • Everything you need to get the noshing started. All three of our fabulous snack nuts, a bag of our herbaceous Crostini, and Addictive Granola.  Let the party begin! Comes "ready to gift" in a sturdy kraft box sent in a larger box with protective packaging to help ensure safe arrival.  If you would like a note included in the box, please include your sentiments in the "note" section upon checkout. This box includes the following: (1) 7oz.  Orange Balsamic Pecans (1) 7oz.  Curried Pistachios (1) 7oz.  Spicy Glazed Almonds (1) 7oz.  Herb & Garlic Crostini (1) 1#     Addictive Granola
  • Small batch crafted Apricot Jam with a hint of honey & lemon from our friends at American Spoon here in Petoskey, Michigan.  Net Weight 9.5oz.  Try this slathered on our toasted Sourdough with some almond butter.  So good!
  • Small batch blueberry preserves made with a hint of real lime juice, from our friends at American Spoon here in Petoskey, Michigan.  Net Weight 9.5oz.  Tasty on toasted Multigrain with a little cream cheese, or try it on our Lemon Poppy Muffin for a real treat.
  • Crisp and herbaceous, these versatile rounds of toasted baguette are a natural complement to soups, salads and cheese boards. We baste them with our own blend of herbs, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and sweet cream butter before toasting them to crispy perfection. Great for dipping or topping with your favorite cheese or hummus; a perfect match for your favorite IPA.  Try them on a salad in place of croutons, or crush them up and use them in place of seasoned bread crumbs... a great addition to any meatball recipe.  However you like them, you'll want to keep a few bags on hand. Ingredients/ Nutritional Data
  • Small batch crafted Black Mission Fig Conserve with orange and lemon from our friends at American Spoon here in Petoskey, Michigan. Net Weight 9oz.  Try this with some goat cheese on our toasted Honey Almond Sourdough.  Fabulous and impressive toast or crostini appetizer!
  • Small batch crafted Red Raspberry Preserves with a hint of lemon from our friends at American Spoon here in Petoskey, Michigan. Net Weight 9.5oz.
  • One handful of these tasty peanuts and they will become an instant favorite.  Just salty enough and slightly sweet, our unique blend of seasonings perfectly complements the roasted peanut.  An inspired pairing with a pint of craft beer, or a great addition to any charcuterie board. Net weight 7 oz.
  • A chewy, hearty cookie with all of the great ingredients found in our Addictive Granola.  Packed with Oats, Cherries, Raisins, toasted Pecans, Almonds, and Walnuts, these cookies are made with real maple syrup and honey. Ingredients/ Nutritional Information
  • Forget your preconceptions of granola as bland, grainy health food. This grown-up granola is made with loads of toasted nuts, dried Michigan cherries, raisins, real maple syrup, and honey. It’s great for eating out of hand and it provides a sweet, crunchy counterpoint to a tangy bowl of yogurt. It has a shelf life of three months. Many have tried to duplicate this product, but none have succeeded. We only use the best ingredients, we do it ALL the hard way (by hand) and we never skimp. Taste for yourself.  We think you'll agree, it's aptly named!  Baked and delivered fresh. Net weight = 1# (about 4 cups)

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