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Putting the Night Shift to Bed

As printed in the Bread Bakers' Guild of America newsletter Breadlines, Volume 24, Issue 4, Winter 2016 by Greg Carpenter We’ve all heard it.  The first thing outta their mouth when they find out you are a baker. “Time to make the donuts.”  That iconic image of...

The Art of Collaboration

(As published in the Bread Baker's Guild of America's journal, Bread Lines, Volume 24, Issue 2) Long time bakers know that being an artisan baker is not always fun and exciting.  When I start noticing signs of burnout in myself I look for new perspectives on baking,...

Breadworks Crusty Rustic Loaf Recipe
Crusty Rustic Loaf Recipe
This recipe for a hearty loaf takes advantage of all of master baker Greg Carpenter’s bread-baking tips.
Greg Carpenter Flour Maureen Abood Article
Real Artisanal Bakery
Maureen Abood's story ran in the October 2015 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.
Maureen Abood at Crooked Tree Breadworks
Maureen Abood
Food writer Maureen Abood stopped by Crooked Tree Breadworks and we had a really fun interview!
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